Wet Weather

RUGBY is a Winter Sport.

We play and train in the rain and when it is cold.

Younger players should look at thermal tops to wear under their jersey.

OUR GOAL is always to get the kids on the field, however we have to balance this with player safety and damage to the ground.

If there is LIGHTNING or HAIL, games and training will be stopped, however we may resume training or the games.

ALWAYS assume training and/or games are proceeding regardless of the weather OR Council’s ground availability, until otherwise advised by the Club Secretary.

WET WEATHER ANNOUNCEMENTS will be communicated via our Facebook site. 


The Club will make a call on CANCELLING no earlier than 3pm on the afternoon of training.


The Club will make a call on CANCELLING no earlier than 7am on game day.


On game day, if Campese Oval is closed, this DOES NOT MEAN ALL OTHER GROUNDS WILL BE CLOSED as ground conditions vary and many opponents’ grounds are managed by different organisations. 

The QPRC will advise the club during the course of the week whether the grounds are closed and at times may leave the decision to the Club President.

FINALLY – don’t stress and please be PATIENT. The weather has not gone unnoticed.