Foxtel Touch 7s

For players ages 4 to 74

Foxtel Touch 7s is all about having fun with friends and family while playing a non-contact version of the game in good spirit.

What is Foxtel Touch 7s?

Foxtel Touch 7s is a fun, free flowing, non-contact form of social Rugby designed to provide participants with a quality workout in a relaxed and social atmosphere. The game aims to increase Rugby participation and awareness amongst new and diverse customer segments. It is also the perfect stepping stone for juniors to gain an awareness of the sport, while practicing the core basic skills required to play any format of Rugby, in a fun and safe, non-threatening environment. 

Who can play Foxtel Touch 7s?

Foxtel Touch 7s is a perfect introduction, or re-introduction, into light competitive sport for all ages, abilities, genders, ethnicities, fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Children from the age of four years right up to centenarians are able to participate in Foxtel Touch 7s.

How many players in a team?

Foxtel Touch 7s has 7 players on the field per team, with an unlimited amount of interchanges. A Foxtel Touch 7s team may contain up to 10 registered players. Foxtel Touch 7s team can be made up of any combination of males and females with no restrictions on the number of one gender on the field.

How much does Foxtel Touch 7s cost?

The cost of the program is $70.00 per player. Players who registered for the Traditional Rugby throughout the year (winter comp), will receive a discount.

What is included in the cost?

The cost covers participant insurance for the individual as well as a program administration, playing shirts and a Touch 7s hat.

What do I need to wear?

Participants should wear practical clothing including their Foxtel Touch 7s participant shirt. Players can wear runners or football boots, whichever you prefer. 


What if I have never played Rugby? 

Foxtel Touch 7s is targeted to increasing participation and awareness amongst new and diverse customers. The laws and basic skills of Foxtel Touch 7s are easy to pick up on the run. Foxtel Touch 7s referees provide a safe, non-threatening environment to learn the laws and fun of playing the game.


The Queanbeyan Whites Juniors run the Foxtel Touch 7s on a Friday evening from 6pm till 8pm.

We open the canteen and cook up a BBQ.

Beginning on the second Friday in October, we run for 10 weeks.

We then break for Christmas and the school holidays.

Returning the first Friday in February for another 5 weeks.

Each week, teams will play up to 5 games. Each team is required to supply a player who is also  Touch 7s referee. The more players who are also referees, means we can share th