Rugby at the Whites

Rugby is a team sport that delivers significant social and health benefits. It can also be a physically demanding sport and players should be physically and mentally prepared, and understand how to play safely. It is the responsibility of all - players, coaches and parents - to ensure that a positive, safe, enjoyable environment is created where ALL players will be able to reach their fullest potential, and that – whatever form of the game you play - the training and education materials and equipment are there to support everyone in creating that environment.


The Queanbeyan Whites Juniors partake in the traditional form of Rugby, during winter, that includes the Pathway program for U7s through to U12s and the traditional XV's for the U13s to 18s.

For the Ladies aged 13 to 18, they compete in a 10 a side competition as set by our governing body.

We also run a Touch7s program from October through to December (10 weeks) and after a break for summer, we resume in February for another 5 weeks.

At times the club will enter in 7s or 10s competition


Rugby is a game that is played in over 120 countries throughout the world. Many of the values of Rugby come from its rich history, traditions, camaraderie and community involvement with the sport.​

Through non-contact versions of the game, children as young as six can greatly enjoy rugby. The modified versions of Rugby in Australia created for safety and Junior Player Pathway Development include; Walla rugby (7-8 yrs), Mini rugby (9-10yrs) and Midi rugby (11-12 yrs). These games are played at both junior clubs and schools.


The object of the game is that two teams of fifteen players each, should score as many points as possible, by carrying, passing, kicking and grounding the ball with the team scoring the greater number of points being the winner of the match. It is classified as an 'end zone invasion game'.

The aim of each team is to gain possession of the ball, take it into opposition territory and to place it in the in-goal area. Rugby is a game of continuous flow, there is constant competition for the ball at the breakdown. These are called Rucks and Mauls.



Ever dreamt of being the next Wallaby like Christian Lealiifano, Scott Sio or Henry Speight?

Well the Try Rugby Kids Pathway has been designed especially to help get you started and on your way to a lifelong involvement in this great game called Rugby Union.

Aim and Philosophy

The aim of the TryRugby Kids Pathway for U6 to U12 players is to provide a series of age-specific modified rugby games.

These modified rugby games progressively develop the individual skills, fitness and team work of all players in accordance with their physical maturity and understanding of the game. 

What are the benefits?

​​The Kids Pathway for U6 to U12 players has been developed to:

  • Increase activity levels for maximum participation and enjoyment.
  • Meet the developmental needs of young Rugby players in line with the safety focus of the modern game.
  • Provide an integrated and consistent approach to the development of U6 to U12 players, coaches and referees across the country from 2011 and beyond.


In Australia all 13 – 18 year olds play to modified laws designed to make the game safer and more enjoyable. These Australian U18 Law Variations continue the progression from the Kid’s Pathway (U6 – U12) through to junior representative opportunities at local club, school and regional levels.

In this age range the priority is to provide the players with opportunities to learn by trying it for themselves and the stages through this age range are stepped to allow for progressive development of every individual.

From U13 – U18 rugby games are intended to further develop the individual skills, fitness and team work of all players in accordance with their age and understanding of the game.

This age spectrum covers of the ARUs Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Model focusing on progressive development of all core skills (attack - catch/pass/support, attack – kicking/defence/contact) with increased pressure.

Stage 3 – Training to Train; and

Stage 4 – Training to Compete



Youth Rugby also provides the opportunity for players in the U15-17 year age groups to participate in the Junior Gold Cup, held once a year and aimed at supporting the long term development of talented players Australia- wide, through an accessible and nationally coordinated development and competition program.