The Queanbeyan Whites Junior Rugby Club is a Level 3 Good Sports Club & Level 2 Healthy Eating Club.

Goods Sports is a program establish by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.


Our Club is committed to a responsible club culture through our Healthy Club Policies.

This policy addresses the following issues: Member Protection; Sport Safety & Injury prevention; General Safety; Sun and Heat Protective behaviours; Smoke-Free Environment; Responsible Service and Consumption of Alcohol; Other drugs; Safe Transport; Food Safe Practice and Healthy eating.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive family focused culture, which models healthy behaviours and promotes healthy role models for junior members. Our emphasis is on promoting initiatives with a preventative focus, to create a safe environment and minimise risk of injury and harm. 

Good Sports Level 1

This is the basic training to build the foundations for success. It covers: 

  • Liquor licensing legal obligations
  • Bar management strategies
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training for bar staff
  • Smoke-free environment benefits


  • Knowing when to ask someone to leave the bar or ground
  • Ensuring there is at least one RSA-trained member around when alcohol is served
  • Understanding how to keep a bar incident register to track any issues
  • Methods to ensure smoke free areas are maintained

Good Sports Level 2

Here we step it up a notch and put our structures into action. While incorporating the steps taken in level 1, this level covers: 

  • Providing low alcohol and non-alcoholic drink options
  • Implementing a safe transport strategy
  • Providing food options when alcohol is served


  • Ensuring the club meets all legal compliance needs
  • Increasing revenue streams outside of alcohol sales

Good Sports Level 3  

Our final step is to ensure ongoing success by creating a healthy club culture. Including the steps taken in levels 1 and 2, it also means: 

  • Development of an alcohol management policy
  • Clear plans to reduce and prevent underage and problem drinking.


You only get out what you put in. Healthy eating is at the core of having a healthy body, which is a huge advantage, both on and off the field.

We know that sports clubs across the country are leading the charge when it comes to promoting physical fitness. With 60% of Australian adults and 25% of children and adolescents now classed as overweight or obese, it’s more important than ever to get people moving.

Good Sports Healthy Eating is a program designed to give your club a head start. Helping people access healthy food isn’t just a huge win for the community and individuals; it can be a huge boost on game day.

The Good Sports Healthy Eating Program focuses on:

  • Increasing the range of healthy food and drink options available
  • Safe food handling
  • Promoting water as the drink of choice
  • Promoting healthy food and drink options
  • Promoting healthy eating
  • Encouraging healthy fundraising activities and prizes
  • Creating a healthy food and drink policy

The benefits of the Good Sports Healthy Eating Program are:

  • Improved physical health of your members
  • Improved knowledge to help with healthy food and drink choices
  • Increased respect from sponsors and members for encouraging a healthy lifestyle
  • Increased revenue streams