For the Parents

Here's all the information you'll need to get your child started with the QBN Whites Rugby Club

Club Location

Queanbeyan Rugby Club is located at Campese Oval, Cnr Yass and Bungendore Road, Queanbeyan.

Weekly Schedule


U7s to U12s: Wednesday Evenings from 4.30pm to 5.30pm. 

U13 to U18s: Monday and Wednesday Evenings from 5.30pm to 7pm. 


Saturday mornings and Under 16s Saturday afternoons


Training gear (such as shorts and t-shirts), socks, football boots, MOUTH GUARDS and a bottle of water.


Games take place on Saturday.  

Game times will be advertised through our website and emails.

Queanbeyan Whites Junior Rugby Club belongs to the ACT Junior Rugby Union (ACTJRU) group of clubs. Games for age groups U7-U18 are hosted, largely, at various Rugby club fields throughout the Capital Region. All players will receive a link to their team’s fixtures once the details have been finalised by the ACTJRU. 

Calendar Dates

Opening Training night for 2019 is:

U7s to U12s: Wednesday 6th March from 4.30pm. 

U13 to U18s: Monday 4th March from 5.30pm. 

Round 1 – 4th of May.

Round 12 – 24th August.

Round 13 for U7s &U8s - 31st August

Semi Finals – 31st August

Grand Finals – 7th & 8th September

There are NO Junior rugby games played on the following dates in 2019

  • Reconciliation weekend
  • June long weekend – Rep Weekend
  • July school holidays

Post training meals

Following Wednesdays training during March, we will be cooking up the BBQ and have the canteen open!

It is encouraged that every Queanbeyan Whites Junior team takes turns each week to provide and serve healthy, home cooked, wholesome food to our Whites Players and their families. We keep it simple! Some of the examples of meals we serve are Pasta, salad and garlic bread; sausages, mash potato, peas and gravy; lasagna and salad etc. 

Game Styles/ Format                 

Please go to Documents 


The Queanbeyan Whites Junior jersey is provided to all team members during the course of the season. In 2019 the Jerseys will be presented to the players at Presentation Day.

Club shorts and club socks are included in the registration cost. Each player needs to provide their own football boots and mouth-guard.


Club Merchandise

The Queanbeyan Whites Juniors and Senior Club have some great merchandise for sale. These include NEW Junior Club polos and Training tees, Hoodies (to keep you really warm for wintery days), sports backpacks, caps, t-shirts and more. We’ll be adding more in 2018 so be sure to check our display at the club house. The Senior Club also has a range that may suit the parents.

Registration & FEES

Registration for 2019 is now open - click here to visit our junior registration page. 

Registration for 2019 is $180.00 per player.

Included in your registration are the club shorts and socks Boot Bag (new players), Training Tee (new players), Brumbies Junior Members Card, Volunteer Levy, Association fees & Sports Insurance. Registration is quick and easy!

Game Day

We ask where possible that all players arrive at their designated field at least 45 mins prior to kick off to warm up and be present for coach instruction – and allows Mum’s and Dad’s to get their hot coffees before the game starts!

When travelling, please allow a bit longer to get there. We all know what Canberra traffic is like!!

Illness/ Absences

Please advise your Team’s Coach or Manager as early as possible if your child is unable to play any games or attend training. It is important that Coaches have has as much notice as possible to find a replacement player if required.

Weather – Training and Game Day

Both training and games are played in all weather conditions unless there is lightning present or if it is hailing.  Your Team Manager will advise you if any cancellations are necessary.


The successful, efficient running of our club requires the participation of our parents.  Each team has a dedicated Coach, Team Manager, First Aid Officer and Field Marshall. 

The Team Managers role is primarily a communication role – ensuring all team members are informed of fixtures and any relevant changes, communicate and coordinate requirements for designated training dinners, prepare and communicate a game day oranges and lolly roster, complete and submit game results via the Rugby Xplorer app.

First Aid Officers generally need a bag of ice to tend to wounded players.

Field Marshals (Game Day only) are there to control the sideline to our game regulations set by the ACTJRU. This can be rotated through each of the parents each week.

All Team Management personnel will be training and provided all the tools to meet the accreditation's required, at NO COST to you.

It may sound daunting however the Coaches have the hardest role but most rewarding!

Roster of duties for families

We understand parents are busy and we aim to keep your involvement easy and manageable.

Orange and lolly roster – A roster will be prepared for each family to contribute cut up oranges for half time and a bag of lollies for their team for the end of the game.

Washing the Jersey – It is recommended that all the jerseys are put together after the game and given a parent on a rotation basis, to wash the Jerseys and brought back to training to give to the Manager. Giving the player, their own jersey to take home to wash is not recommended. What if they are not available next week and we need the jersey or they forget to bring it?

BBQ and the Canteen

Whilst you are at the Oval, you can always help out in the canteen or get onto the BBQ. Helping out with the Canteen goes towards the Volunteer Rebate.

People helping out on the BBQ must be 13 years or older due to safety regulations.  Likewise players or members are only allowed in the canteen to assist, with authorisation  by the Junior Club Executive.

Code of Behaviour

The Queanbeyan Whites Juniors adheres to the club constitution and bylaws, including the code of conduct and supporting member policies.  For copies of the on the documents tab.

The Queanbeyan Whites Juniors also adheres to the Rugby Australian ‘Code of Conduct’ and ‘Expectation of Behaviour Guidelines’ – for players, parents and coaches.  These guidelines ensure that all players and those involved receive optimum enjoyment of and benefit from the game of Rugby.  For more information please visit Rugby Australia's Code of Conduct.

The Queanbeyan Whites Juniors also supports the ACT Rugby Referees Association (ACTRRA) on their stance to ZERO Tolerance to Referee abuse.

End of Season Wrap Up

At the end of the season, a Rugby Wrap Up will be held at our clubhouse.  Presentations will be made to players and volunteers.  A BBQ dinner will be on offer preceding the presentations the whole family to enjoy while the kids run around.  The jumping castle will return plus few other things we have planned! Date and details will be communicated later in the season.

SO, what do you need for your child to get started?

  1. Completed Registration
  2. Team Kit (this is included in your registration)
  3. Football boots
  4. Mouth guard
  5. Turn up to Training