Can I help in the Canteen

The canteen and BBQ is great facility at the Queanbeyan Whites and the Juniors have a reputation throughout the Rugby community as providing great food and quality service.

To ensure that we continue to have the reputation,  we do have some rules and regulations as to who can help out and who who is allowed in the canteen.

this also applied to any Bunnings BBQ that we may run throughout the year.

Unless you are asisgned to assist in the canteen, you will not be allowed to enter the canteen.

General Setup

  • Players aged 13 or above are allowed to assist with the setup of the canteen and the BBQ prior to any event.  Once an event has started, players are to re move from the canteen unless they have bee assigned to help out.
  • Canteen and BBQ are to be operational 45 minutes prior to the start of the first game.

During Events

  • Canteen and BBQ attendees MUST be aged 13 or above to assist.
  • Only assigned members or committee members may be in the canteen at any given time.
  • Unassigned players aged 13 or above, may be asked to help restock during events to assist canteen attendees.