Become a Referee

A Rugby game can not start without a Referee.

To help bolster the number of referees in our game, every player of the Queanbeyan Whites Juniors must attend the Referees course when they turn 13 years of age. New players to the club that are 13 or above must also attend a Referees course. 

The Referees Course is to referee games for the U7s through to the U12’s*. Players aged 15 or above may attend the Referee Foundation Course which will provide them the opportunity to referee older games.

Once players have completed the course, it will be at their own discretion if they would like to sit the Referee exam to become a qualified Referee.

Referees can also progress through to higher grades. Referees will be assessed by Senior Referees and Referee Coaches.

Parents, Coaches, brothers and sisters are also encouraged to attend the course and complete the exam.

Benefits to becoming a Referee:

  • You give back to the game of Rugby and the club;
  • Assists the Club when assigning referees to home games;
  • You learn and under the rules to a higher level;
  • Most club will provide a drink and food for Referees;
  • You get PAID to Referee a game - $20 per game. Not bad for less than one hours work. Turn up, refreee a game then play a game and have some dollars;
  • If you are assigned a game such as in Broulee, you will be paid a travel allowance;
  • You will be given a uniform at no charge.

Rules that we apply:

  • Referees are not allowed to referee a game within 2 ages of the Referee. For example: if a Referee is 13 years of age, he/she may only be assigned to referee the U7s to U11s games;
  • Referees will be assigned games that are either at the ground that the Referee will be playing later that day. At times this may not be possible. For example: If a Referee has a home game at Campese Oval and there is a lower grade game at Campese Oval, the Referee may be assigned this game;
  • Referees will not be assigned to a game if it interferes with the game that they are scheduled to play;

The club will support and assist all Referees of the game.

      The Supports the ACTRRAs stance on ZERO tolerance to Referee abuse.

Longevity of a Referee vs a Player

As we all know, Rugby is a physical game and only a select few are able to make through to the top of the game representing the state or the country. Most players continue to Senior Rugby. However, some players become injured and can not continue playing the game.

Becoming a Referee means that you can continue to be part of the game and do this till you are well into your senior years. A number of high-profile players have successfully gone from high honours to become a Referee and have been assigned Super Rugby games eta.

For example, if a player receives multiple concussions throughout their Rugby playing years, we discuss the injury with the player and his/her parents and look at ways that the player can still be part of the game without playing. 

Therefore, becoming a Referee, a coach or an administrator of the game is a great alternative.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to become a Referee, please contact a QBN Whites Juniors Committee Member to discuss.

Referee Courses will be held in March or April of each year.