Become an Assistant Coach

Coaches are mentors, teachers and a friend

The role of the coach varies greatly depending on the level at which the team operates. At grass roots level it’s about developing players - technically and personally - while at international level the coach is responsible for team selection, performance and results. 


A coach takes on many interchangeable roles, such as leader, manager, teacher and organiser. The coach needs to have a knowledge of the Game and its Laws, motivation, physical fitness and an understanding of how to coach and improve players.

Another important role of the coach is to instill team spirit into the players. This is especially important at levels where the players take part for the fun of participation rather than the aim of winning.

Becoming a Coach

Becoming a coach, and thereby helping others to enjoy the Game, can be a fulfilling way to be involved in Rugby.

Most people who enter coaching are either former players who want to give something back to Rugby or parents who want to help their children experience Rugby.

Coaching can be a rich and satisfying experience, but it is also a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Young people in the care of today’s coaches are the next generation of players, referees and volunteers, and the attitudes they learn from their experiences can affect many aspects of their lives. As a coach, you could help to give them the confidence to succeed, not only in Rugby but also in life. 

How do I sign up?

At the Queanbeyan Whites we encourage older players to assist Coaches from the younger teams. 

There are so many advantages to this. The younger players look up to the older kids and it provides a great club culture.

If you would like to become a Coach, please contact a QBN Whites Juniors Committee Member to discuss.

Coaching Courses will be held in March or April of each year and the club covers the cost for these.